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Total Epoxy

Total Epoxy is Ottawa’s trusted contractor with over 15 years of experience in repairs and floor coating. We are the reference for repairs and resurfacing of floors as well as other surfaces like baths, pools and spas. Having improved our best practices through first-rate workmanship and reliable services, our professional team is ready to take on any resurfacing tasks with top quality materials!

In-ground Pool Steps Repair

An affordable solution with a 5-year warranty which extends the use of your pool’s steps!

Epoxy Flooring

For a garage, basement or industrial floor that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, epoxy is an optimal solution! Take advantage of different finishing systems, even for your pool deck.

Acrylic & Fiberglass Repair

We offer repair of damages such as chips and cracks on your shower, bath or hot tub. Benefit from a 2-year warranty with quality repairs!

Total Epoxy Value

Industry Leading Quality

Our team always strives to provide outstanding quality in everything we do, whether it’s in customer service, our materials or the completion of the project.

Excellent Warranty

For your peace of mind and trust, the best warranties on the market are granted to you with any project undertaken by our team.

Trusted Partner

Total Epoxy is an authorized service representative for major brands like Kohler, Strong Spas, Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Canadian Spa Company and more!